we translate your process for change into digital services

Rapid development of prototypes

Support through know-how, experience & tools

Passion for software & leading edge technology

Efficient change needs effective communication!

Our solutions address everyone who wants to transform, counsel and change successfully.

Our mission

Guiding through change in times of complexity

Our offer

Digital tools & services

Evaluation, assessment, analysis.
Real-time identification of problem areas, subjective perceptions and focus topics.


Holistic, customized design of efficient change measures including continuous checks (before, during & after).

Individual development of services & tools

Fast, lean development of additional customized solutions and apps.


web application preassessment

Assessment App

Quickly gather input and feedback, e.g. from stakeholders of the change processes or workshop participants.

web application animus

Evolutionary Leadership

Value profiles in the context of agile evolutionary organizations. Determine personal as well as team profiles.

web application five dysfunctions

5 Dysfunctions of a Team

adapted from Patrick Lencioni. This tool reveals the central problems and malfunctions of a team. Knowledge and awareness of these enable the initiation of purposeful interventions.

web application teamgrid


Assess your team's efficiency factor. Functional and social relationships are put into perspective.

web application frank


Real-time monitoring of the team morale: Early detection of deficits and securing the quality of the change processes.

website promo www

Process hubs

Onepage websites which serve as a single point of contact for the stakeholders of the change processes. They contain information about the process, measures to be taken and reference contacts, and also point to the tools that are being used.

Community platform community

Communities of practice

Supervise the change process digitally on an online platform; based on wordpress

surprise us community

Your idea

You have an idea for a lightweight tool to facilitate change processes or you would like to see an established instrument in a new, digital format?

Your benefits

Stronger integration of all stakeholders

More transparency: Clear aims and measures to be taken

Efficient interactive supervision of the change community – also from distance

Tangible results

Greater chances for success

Improved quality of the results

More satisfaction in the change community of your client

Enhance your portfolio with tools that wear your branding

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Our team

Günter Dahm

Change, Leadership & Dgital Transformation.

Dr. Jan Nierhoff

Development, ICT & Digital Transformation

Mariska Dahm

Marketing, Texts & Internationalization

Dr. Martin Degeling

Administration, ICT & Privacy

Hans Bendiks

Creativity, Visuals & Illustration

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